Uncanny Spaces — Bachelor thesis project, Interior Architecture and Furniture Design, Konstfack University 2022

This space does not physically exist

In fact, the images are renders from a 3D-modelled apartment

An apartment I have claimed to live in since March 2022

I explore how interior images of our homes can be one way of telling the story about ourselves on social media. By using 3D-modeling and rendering software, I create a fictional home that solely exist digitally. During the project I create photorealistic rendered images from the digital apartment, which are communicated on Instagram to mislead the viewer's gaze and convince that the home and the life I live in it, physically exists. Uncanny Spaces is a comment on our visual culture related to interior architecture and a way to explore reality and fiction on social media.

Visit @heleneborgsgatan46 on Instagram to see the full project or download the full report here.